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Leistritz Red Angus Ranch



Property Description

The Leistritz Red Angus Ranch encompasses 4743+/- acres of deeded Sandhills grass in the panhandle of Nebraska, just 17 miles from the farming town of Alliance, NE.   This property is located in the scenic Nebraska Sandhills which is famed for its water resources and the high-quality forages that will pack the pounds on cattle. 

This ranch features two sets of working corrals, older home, 125 irrigated acres under pivot, and several hay meadows.  While utilizing the irrigated ground and the meadows the ranch is owner rated at 300 cows year around.  The property sits squarely over the top of the Ogallala Aquifer which is the Nations largest fresh water aquifer.  Shallow water depths make windmills and solar wells and ideal choice for stock water management.

Scattered throughout the ranch you will find multiple lakes offering spectacular waterfowl hunting and supports unique wildlife species throughout the region.  The Nebraska sandhills has long be know for producing monster Mule deer and has become a destination hunting location for sportsman in search of a trophy.  Antelope and coyote hunting in the area is also quite popular due to the strong populations of both animals. 

The town of Alliance, NE is home to a main hub of the Burlington Northern Santa Fae Railroad while the other main industry being agriculture.  The roots of the community run deep in the fertile soil with many of the farms and ranches in the area currently being ran by the fifth or sixth generation of the family.  With the fertile farm ground in the area the new owner of this ranch can be sure that allocation of feed stuff is easy to find and acquire.  While considering livestock marketing, this ranch is located less than 75 miles from four of the best livestock auction markets in the county.

This ranch would be an ideal fit for anyone interested in producing high quality cattle, in an agriculture friendly area, with the bonus of top notch hunting and potential sporting revenue.  For more information contact Jeff Garrett at 308-672-6334

Contact Agent

Jeff Garrett


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