Jeff Garrett and Tommy Wiles: APEX Producers Club Winners!

Jeff Garrett and Tommy Wiles, of #1 Properties Ranch and Recreation, have just clinched a remarkable achievement: the APEX Producers Club award. This coveted honor is reserved for those who’ve closed a minimum of $5 million in land deals, showcasing their expertise and dedication to excellence.

At #1 Properties Ranch & Recreation, Jeff and Tommy are known for their unwavering commitment to their clients and their craft. Their knack for navigating complex transactions and securing favorable deals has earned them admiration and trust throughout the industry.

Earning a spot in the APEX Producers Club isn’t just about hitting numbers; it’s a testament to Tommy and Jeff’s relentless pursuit of success. Their passion, professionalism, and drive set a high standard for excellence in real estate, inspiring others to follow suit.

Join us in congratulating Jeff Garrett and Tommy Wiles on this well-deserved recognition. Here’s to their continued success and the bright future ahead!

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Jeff Garrett and Tommy Wiles: APEX Producers Club Winners!