Wealth Management

I had the pleasure of visiting with Reata Gross with Bison Wealth Management. She is a wealth of knowledge in many areas of the financial world and I’m glad to bring you a more in-depth overview of what she and Bison Wealth management have to offer. Tell us about yourself and your background? My name […]

Exclusive Interview With Bea of Bea’s Knees Waxing

Bea of Bea’s Knees Waxing inside The Beauty Box Salon, in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, has opened up a second room and business in the salon, October Road, LLC. Here she offers permanent jewelry, retail, and features products from local artisans. What lead to starting your business? My family and I moved to Pine Bluffs almost […]

Currie’s Dining in Pine Bluffs

There’s a new business in town! Pat & Amy Currie opened Bluff’s Bakery and Currie’s Dining in Pine Bluffs last year and it has taken off. The restaurant is located in the old Rock Ranch location, with a beautiful remodel that is incredibly inviting. The bakery portion offers excellent breakfast/lunch and bakery options during the […]

His Cavvy: Helping Ranching Families in Need

In 2018, His Cavvy was established to give financial assistance to ranching families in need. The founders of His Cavvy are Cody and Victoria Harris and they began this foundation because they had a friend in Idaho whose son had a brain tumor. They wanted to do something to help them, so they got together […]

Purple & Gold Foundation

April 15th was the 2nd annual Purple & Gold Legacy Foundation event and the turnout was noteworthy with a little over 300 people attending. The Foundation was created by Michael Lerwick and the purpose of the foundation is to create funding for existing and potential Pine Bluffs youth organizations. Their mission statement outlines “This funding […]