Wyoming Hunting with Heroes

Hunting with Heroes Wyoming is a non-profit and charitable organization, formed in 2013, dedicated to giving back to disabled veterans who served our country and sacrificed to keep us safe. Hunting with Heroes Wyoming is honored to provide hunting, fishing and other unique outdoor experiences to our nation’s disabled veterans. We were founded by veterans for veterans. We help save lives.

Working with state agencies, landowners and local volunteers, we offer custom programs designed for the unique needs of each disabled veteran – programs designed to boost our disabled veterans morale, build lasting memories and enduring friendships.

Partnering with the Wyoming Game and Fish, and using their Licensing for Veterans Program – a program that allows anyone to donate a big game license to be reissued to a disabled veteran – Hunting with Heroes Wyoming matches veterans with a license, provides guide services, rifles and other gear, game processing and room and board if required.

How to get involved:

  • Donate a Big Game Tag

  • Allow Access as a Land Owner

  • Volunteer your Time

  • Donate

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