His Cavvy: Helping Ranching Families in Need

In 2018, His Cavvy was established to give financial assistance to ranching families in need. The founders of His Cavvy are Cody and Victoria Harris and they began this foundation because they had a friend in Idaho whose son had a brain tumor. They wanted to do something to help them, so they got together with friends, purchased a horse, sold raffle tickets and were able to generate $30,000 for the family. After that event, they decided to try to take it to another level and started the pasture roping and generated a check for $45,000 for the next family in need.

Their motto is “a lot of people doing a little can make a huge difference”. His Cavvy stands for: His – referring to our good Lord and Savior. Cavvy – The word comes from the term cavvietta derived from the Spanish and referring to the whole diverse herd of horses that a ranch owns.

The event has been held annually at The Grizzly Ranch in Walden Colorado owned by Kallen and Sharayah Kimzey. It’s a 4-day event that includes pasture doctoring, dog trials, El Guapo roping, a live concert, kids goat roping, concessions, a raffle for a saddle and trailer, and a live and silent auction.

The ranch has living spaces available and campers can be brought in to stay on the ranch to attend the 4-day event.

All meals provided are provided through communerosity. Communerosity is not really a word, but a concept. Community + Generosity = Communerosity. It exists to help you understand giving and receiving, because that is the gospel message.

The heart behind His Cavvy is serving other people, especially in their time of need. The event has grown substantially and you are able to apply for or nominate someone in need, as well as make donations anytime throughout the year. You can visit their website at

I’ve personally attended this event every year since its beginning and have seen families blessed in their darkest times. It’s a reminder that we are all here to help each other through this life. Always lend a hand.

Since 2018 this foundation has blessed 6 ranching families in need and has raised over $244,000.

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